Saturday, December 24, 2016

Song lyric's that inspire

Happy Holidays Everyone:

Over at Creative Carte Blanche this months theme is "Be you- Song lyrics inspiration"

I had to think on this for a while because like some of you I listen to different music depending what I'm doing!!  Cleaning is usually Van Halen ( yes I just aged myself) , Laundry and mending is more soothing like movie theme music Harry Potter , When i need to get myself out of a funk or just motivated my go to is Masterpiece by Jesse J.  This page I've had done for awhile.  One problem no matter what I did I couldn't get one of the lyrics ( the one on the bottom) in focus.  I tried everything so I'm just going to type it.  " You haven't seen the best of me I'm still working on my masterpiece"

I love this song!!  I blare it to my daughters dismay.  I although call it payback for all the times she's gives me a early wake- up call .  hope you like it.

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