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Monday, February 6, 2017

Quilt project 7 years in the making

Hi All:  It's been awhile since my last post!!  I've been working on mini albums, a wedding album for my niece, and I finished a quilt that only took 7 years.  7 years ago my friend Kristi Everett a wonderful woman I worked at Michaels with gave me a Beautiful top part of a quilt that she had sewn.  I of course at the time didn't know how to sew nor did I own a working sewing machine. I promised her I would make the rest of the quilt.  And so this wonderful piece of art sat in a bag for 3 years.  Along comes another wonderful woman into my life Rayann Ulvick.   I have a previous post of curtains and pillows I made with Rayann's help.  Before the curtains and pillow she helped me start on the quilt. I was sent to the store to get thread, batting and material for the back piece. Rayann  is patient and kind teacher!!!  I ironed, learned to thread my sewing machine ( which I finally got 4 years ago to use on paper), what thread not to buy, and with her help got to work and finished most of the quilt.  Then back in the bag it went and sat until the 12/26/2016.  I just had the edge trim to add so finally after Christmas last year I unbagged the quilt and finished.  4 years ago Rayann had cut and measured the trimI just had to sew the trim on.  Not perfect, but I'm proud of it anyway.  Do any of you have unfinished projects?   Here is the finished results.