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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Red tag

Hey All:   Last summer my husband and I stayed in Morro Bay and explored the city for a day.  As we were checking out the shops on their main street I ran across this shop called Lina G's and all the trimmings.  My husband couldn't get me out of there fast enough!!  There was every kind of ribbon,  lace, and embellishment you could imagine.  I met the owner Lina, she was making a headdress,  the kind worn by Las Vegas showgirls.  The details were amazing!!!  If you in the area don't miss this place.  Of course I shopped and came home with a bag full of goodies.  Vintage lace, new lace, buttons, and embelishments.  So I loaded up as much as the hubby would let me.   The crafting hoarder in me wouldn't let me use any of my items from there, til tonight.  I'm making a tag for the Simon Says Monday Challenge.  This weeks challenge was to use Red.  I finally cracked the plastic my latest color from Tim Holtz and Ranger, Candied Apple.  The items I used  from Lina G. are the tartan pinwheels.  I'm going to have to call her and see if she can send me more.  This is my result.

Thanks for Looking!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yep I'm a lefty

Hi Everyone:  Being left-handed sometimes can be a pain.  Most things are made for righties.  This is completely understandable considering 90% of our population is right-handed.   Those of us who are dominantly left-handed tend to frustrate the righties in our life.  For instance a couple of my friends who've come to my house and helped in the kitchen have told me I set my kitchen up backwards.  When my husband sees things in a different light then myself his response is "it must be a left-handed thing".   My mother loved to sew.  When I was small she made all my clothes.  It came time for her to teach me and I just stressed her out.  When I got to middle school and took Home Ec,  they actually had 2 left-handed sewing machines I could use but this just confused me.  The hardest thing we made was a wrap-around skirt and a p.e. bag.  So lets just say the cooking part was my favorite in that class.  Last year there was a challenge where you needed to sew around a paper tag.  I had this hand held sewing machine and thought it would work.  I was very wrong.  Very, very wrong.   For that challenge I drew the lines. So my sweet hubby went out and got me a basic sewing machine and I watched a couple of Youtube videos, read some blogs, you know the drill.   It took me about a week and a dozen  or so trashed tags but I made one that I deemed not to bad.  Yesterday an awesome friend of mine named Rayann (who's quilts are amazing) helped me sew 3 items.  Now mind you they are nowhere near the awesome  Rayann,  Richele Christensen, or Tammy Tutterow but, It's a step in learning how to work my machine and not fear it!!  Here is the results.  2 pillow covers and a cafe curtain.  Of course I used some of Tim Holtz's fabrics From Electric Elements one of my favorite patterns Top Shelf and from the Wallflower collection I used Rose Parcel.  Thanks for looking

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hi All- Have you ever had one of those pictures you know your going to make a page for and it sit's out for awhile and you don't want to put it away because you know your going to use it.  After 2 years of sitting on my craft desk I finally used it.  The one in the middle is my youngest  Colie and these 2 girls  Kris and Cheri are still her best friends five years later.  So girls here's your page

 I'm entering this in the Simon Says Monday Challenge (Best Friends)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The flip tag

Hi All-  This year for the 12 tags of 2016 Mr.  Holtz is showing us how to combine techniques.   I'm really looking forward to this.    By combining techniques I will be able to see them in a different way as well as learning them better, because  some of the techniques I've only used one time.  I also think method will help with those times I get creative block.   So I'm looking forward to the challenge. For the January tag we used the chalkboard and industrial metal techniques.    I  also used a hinge technique as if I was making a mini album.  Please let me know what you think.