Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yep I'm a lefty

Hi Everyone:  Being left-handed sometimes can be a pain.  Most things are made for righties.  This is completely understandable considering 90% of our population is right-handed.   Those of us who are dominantly left-handed tend to frustrate the righties in our life.  For instance a couple of my friends who've come to my house and helped in the kitchen have told me I set my kitchen up backwards.  When my husband sees things in a different light then myself his response is "it must be a left-handed thing".   My mother loved to sew.  When I was small she made all my clothes.  It came time for her to teach me and I just stressed her out.  When I got to middle school and took Home Ec,  they actually had 2 left-handed sewing machines I could use but this just confused me.  The hardest thing we made was a wrap-around skirt and a p.e. bag.  So lets just say the cooking part was my favorite in that class.  Last year there was a challenge where you needed to sew around a paper tag.  I had this hand held sewing machine and thought it would work.  I was very wrong.  Very, very wrong.   For that challenge I drew the lines. So my sweet hubby went out and got me a basic sewing machine and I watched a couple of Youtube videos, read some blogs, you know the drill.   It took me about a week and a dozen  or so trashed tags but I made one that I deemed not to bad.  Yesterday an awesome friend of mine named Rayann (who's quilts are amazing) helped me sew 3 items.  Now mind you they are nowhere near the awesome  Rayann,  Richele Christensen, or Tammy Tutterow but, It's a step in learning how to work my machine and not fear it!!  Here is the results.  2 pillow covers and a cafe curtain.  Of course I used some of Tim Holtz's fabrics From Electric Elements one of my favorite patterns Top Shelf and from the Wallflower collection I used Rose Parcel.  Thanks for looking

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Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

YAY YOU!!! Holy craft!!! Gorgeous makes...and what a cute space!!!