Friday, September 12, 2014


Hi Everyone: I've been a tad forgetful! I was so lucky this summer to take 2 classes with amazing teachers at Stamp Asylum in Plano Texa and I forgot to post them!! In July I took a pop-up class from the Awesome Karen Burniston from Elizabeth dies (!! Learned a ton and had a blast!! I forgot my camera. :( I know right! ugh. Then in August I took a folio class from the Amazing Paula Cheney ( yep I brought my camera this time. dropped it on the floor, had to put it back together but I brought it. this is Monica Smith and Paula Cheny. This is what we made . I'd show you the inside but ya I didn't finish. see ya next time.

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Redanne said...

Wow, how lucky to take classes with not only Karen Burniston (love her accordion cards) but also the amazing Paula Cheney too. I love the cover of your folio!